nadeko sengoku ( 千石 撫子 )
02 April 2030 @ 12:44 pm
ooc; contact / concrit post.  

leave a comment to either give concrit or contact me. comments are screened, anon is enabled, ip logging is off.

other methods of contacting me:
email: queeningsquare[at]gmail[dot]com
aim: lunixhime
plurk: [ profile] queeningsquare
nadeko sengoku ( 千石 撫子 )
11 May 2028 @ 12:47 pm
ooc; ic contact.  
ring ring. )

[ there's a slight whimper at first, enough to make one wonder if someone really picked up the phone, but.. after a few moments there's more sound. ]

"U-um.. N-Nadeko speaking, Nadeko Sengoku..!"